orion hitek is a know-how company in orlando, central florida, with two major areas of expertise: high-class, professional web site design and development - static or interactive - as well as pc-based measuring/testing systems.

diese webseite ist aber auch das virtuelle zuhause der orion control, einer deutschen firma mit dem schwerpunkt auf pc-gestützter meßtechik, speziell der software pps701. this web site uses css to present the content in the best possible manner. if you can see this message, then css (or javascript) is not enabled in your browser, and the page will not appear as the designer intended.

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orion hitek, inc. specializing in web design, hosting and consulting and customized pc-based measuring/testing systems
professional web sites for professionals

about us

orion hitek, inc., founded 1998, is the u.s. subsidiary of the german company orion control gmbh. we are located in orlando in central florida.

orion hitek, inc. is a proud member of the l.e.a.d.$ group and the seminole county - lake mary chamber of commerce.

orion hitek offers customized solutions in two areas where solid high-tech knowledge as well as "out-of-the-box-thinking" are in demand: web design and pc-based measuring/testing systems.

our strengths are:

on the following pages we offer you a more in-depth view of web design, and an introduction to our pc-based systems. back to the top of the page

there is also a german section for our german company orion control gmbh that deals with:

we are comfortable and experienced in this high-tech environment, and we've succeeded in finding the optimal solution for our customers.

our customers are not only small and medium sized businesses, but also companies like degussa, siemens, various power/utilities companies as well as banks and radio/tv stations.

if you need further information or if you have any questions please go to the contact us page where we provide you with address and hyperlinks.

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