orion hitek is a know-how company in orlando, central florida, with two major areas of expertise: high-class, professional web site design and development - static or interactive - as well as pc-based measuring/testing systems.

diese webseite ist aber auch das virtuelle zuhause der orion control, einer deutschen firma mit dem schwerpunkt auf pc-gestützter meßtechik, speziell der software pps701. this web site uses css to present the content in the best possible manner. if you can see this message, then css (or javascript) is not enabled in your browser, and the page will not appear as the designer intended.

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orion hitek, inc. specializing in web design, hosting and consulting and customized pc-based measuring/testing systems
professional systems for professionals

what are pc-based measuring/testing systems?

the techie way to describe them would be something like: "customized measuring or testing devices for electrical values where these values are visualized on a computer".

let me explain it with an example:

you are a company manufacturing, let's say, dairy products. the products have to be heated to a precisely defined temperature. if the production machine has a temperature fluctuation that exceeds a certain percentage, then your whole batch of products is ruined.

to insure that your production equipment is working within this temperature range you have to monitor that machines. you could put a thermometer into that machine and have someone look at it constantly.

but there are better, more efficient ways: find the right precision sensor, hook it to a computer via the optimal connection, write a piece of software that visualizes the temperature fluctuations and build in an alarm to alert you if something goes wrong.

test this system, and if it is not working properly, find out what is not working together - and why.

or, have it the easy way: call orion hitek, inc.

we have the know-how and the experience to insure that you get the best solution for your problem. we worked in this area in germany for years, and our loyal customers include companies like besam, freudenberg, sap, alcoa - only to name a few.

on the next pages you will find 5 reasons why you should consider orion hitek, inc. for your company and there are also actual examples of measuring/testing systems we've built.back to the top of the page

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