orion hitek is a know-how company in orlando, central florida, with two major areas of expertise: high-class, professional web site design and development - static or interactive - as well as pc-based measuring/testing systems.

diese webseite ist aber auch das virtuelle zuhause der orion control, einer deutschen firma mit dem schwerpunkt auf pc-gestützter meßtechik, speziell der software pps701. this web site uses css to present the content in the best possible manner. if you can see this message, then css (or javascript) is not enabled in your browser, and the page will not appear as the designer intended.

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orion hitek, inc. specializing in web design, hosting and consulting and customized pc-based measuring/testing systems
professional web sites for professionals

price list

a sign at the outside of your building costs between us$1,000 to 5,000. 1000 brochures, 4-colour, 7-12 pages, cost around us$ 1,200 - 1,700.

a "brochure-like" static web site costs between us$ 1,600 to 5,500.

a billboard near i-4 in orlando, florida costs between 5,000 and 10,000 $ every thirty days, and i have seen prices for special locations that go up to 40,000 $ - for one month.

a full-blown, interactive e-commerce site with database integration, shopping cart, and what-not will cost around us$ 20,000 - depending on your demands and intents it can cost a lot more. but it will cost you less than a brick-and-mortar shop.


hourly rates

maintenance etc.
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note: packages do not include hosting or maintenance fees. client must provide access to site, i.e., host name, id and password. orion hitek, inc. is not responsible for host server failure or other catastrophic events associated with the site host or communication lines.

bronze package: us$ 1,599.00

silver package: us$ 2,799.00
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gold package: us$ 5,499.00

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maintenance package

maintenance and support are two of the things most needed in today's web site. a site becomes outdated in about six months and obsolete within a year.

these prices are only valid for bronze, silver or gold packages or other static web sites developed by orion hitek, inc. back to the top of the page

monthly $95.00

package includes:

weekly $95.00

package includes:

for work beyond this scope clients with a maintenance agreement will be billed a reduced hourly rate.

the maintenance costs for database driven web sites depend on the individual requirements. back to the top of the page

price list as adobe pdf-file

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