orion hitek is a know-how company in orlando, central florida, with two major areas of expertise: high-class, professional web site design and development - static or interactive - as well as pc-based measuring/testing systems.

diese webseite ist aber auch das virtuelle zuhause der orion control, einer deutschen firma mit dem schwerpunkt auf pc-gestützter meßtechik, speziell der software pps701. this web site uses css to present the content in the best possible manner. if you can see this message, then css (or javascript) is not enabled in your browser, and the page will not appear as the designer intended.

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orion hitek, inc. specializing in web design, hosting and consulting and customized pc-based measuring/testing systems
professional systems for professionals

examples - pc-based measuring/testing systems

here we give you two examples of customized measuring and testing systems by orion hitek, inc.:

fire safety regulations in some countries demand that in case of a fire automatic doors either close or open, depending on the room behind these doors.

our customer, one of the world's largest manufacturer of automatic doors, already had a test facility, but lacked a special, very sophisticated measuring device.

we were successful in combining the optimal high-precision sensors via a specially shielded cable to a precision amplifier. this amplifier then sent the signals to a computer, where we developed a customized visualization and recording software package. back to the top of the page

current electrical standards in many countries now demand that electrical appliances are tested for safety on a regular periodic basis, and after repair and maintenance. the unilap 701 x is a test device for such measurements conforming to the german standard din vde 0701/0105.

where a customer has several specimen to test, a form of automated testing and result recording may be required. we have developed pps 701, a software package that allows test measurements from a unilap 701 x to be recorded on the hard disk of a pc.

the pps 701 software is menu driven to the saa standard. pps701/windows is the newer version for windows 9x and nt environment. both have been designed for ease of use. on-line help is available for all functions.
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on the pages of orion control you'll find pictures of this automated mobile safety tester pps701.

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